Facts about Piranha Fish

Facts Piranha Fish, piranha fish has the Latin name Pygocentrus nattereri. Derived from the Amazon basin, and spread up the river northeastern Brazil, and Paraguay river basins, Paranai and Essequibo. Piranha is a type of animal colonies. They live in large numbers to hundreds of birds. The more the herd the more aggressive Piranha fish prey food.

Piranha Fish
Facts Piranha Fish

Shape Piranha Fish have sharp front teeth and rather tight. This structure is capable of skinning meat or carcasses of prey animals in the water. The most common Piranha Fish has a red belly mixed with orange, the colors are sharper adults while the young silvery with dark spots. There is also a kind of black piranha dark gray. Piranha fish can reach sizes of 33 cm with a weight of 3.5 kg. One of the fish species that have a physical form similar to the piranha fish pomfret and indeed they are still married soon.

Because of its ferocious piranha fish imports banned in many countries because it feared to endanger people who use the river for day to day needs. To maintain the piranha fish, the hobbyist to provide a special place. Piranha can not be mixed with other fish species. The size of the aquarium should also for harboring many fish. Usually aquarium plants and roots were similar to the mixtures so that the condition of the swamp bog Amazon. 

Piranha prefer aquarium in direct sunlight. Accustomed to eating piranha fish live food such as fish, insects, worms, and crustaceans. There are times when hobbyists member larger meals as are like lizards, birds and geckos because they want to watch the fish malignancy. Piranha fish capable of sensing the opponent of the motion and ripples of water and odor. It is called the lateral line sensory system. That's why if a prey is torn and bleeding, piranha fish would flock more and more come to close. 

Facts Piranha Fish, a bison that crossed the Amazon could be stuck into the herd of Piranha and may be less than half an hour. Native Indian tribes who have the courage to opt out of the way high even if it passes the populated river piranha fish piranha fish and they were dubbed as the devil fish