African Elephant Scientific Name and Endangered

It is known that the elephant is the largest animal that lives on land. Many facts have demonstrated that. Actually have a two species of elephants africa was left on earth until now, african bush elephants and african forest elephants. Both have the scientific name for each. African elephant scientific name, firstly african bush elephant have a scientific name Loxodonta africana, and african forest elephant have a scientific name Loxodonta cyclotls. Both elephants have the same first name as each derived from the same species Loxodonta.

Baby Elephant: Pictures, Weight, etc

The elephant is the largest animal to live on land. This is because the weight of the animal elephant is the heaviest weight of the animals that live on land. Certainly very interesting to talk about the elephant, but at this time we are not concerned about the elephants but about the baby elephant. Why baby elephant? certainly a lot of interesting side of the baby elephant can we review more detail and will certainly be very interesting to you. Let's discuss point by point about the baby elephant.

The Bengal Tiger: facts, white, and informations

Tiger is a very interesting animal to study. One type of tigers remaining on Earth is bengal tiger. The bengal tiger is typical animal india and surrounding areas. Scientific name for bengal tiger is Panthera tigris tigris. Panthera tigris tigris as bengal tiger scientific name because the bengal tiger belongs to the sub-species of Panthera tigris, Panthera is a genus of the tribe Felidae and consists of four big cats.

Avocado: Nutrition facts and Important Informations for Health

Avocado or by any other name parsea americana is a fruit that was originally derived from the region of Central America and Mexico. Plant avocado is a tropical plant, which means that the plant only grows in tropical regions. Facts have shown that avocado is a fruit that contains many nutrients that are useful for our body. Avocado nutrition facts that avocados have calories, fat, vitamins, minerals, lutein, and other content (the following will be explained later). History of the name avocado comes from the Aztec tribe that originated from Central America and Mexico, avocado known ahuacatl. Distribution avocado fruit in the world did not occur naturally, but the avocado fruit was first introduced to other areas by those Spaniards who first colonized the region of Central America and Mexico. Now, plants or avocado fruit we often encountered throughout tropical regions of the world (spread from southeast Asia, India, Africa and the region of origin fruit itself Central America).