African Elephant Scientific Name and Endangered

It is known that the elephant is the largest animal that lives on land. Many facts have demonstrated that. Actually have a two species of elephants africa was left on earth until now, african bush elephants and african forest elephants. Both have the scientific name for each. African elephant scientific name, firstly african bush elephant have a scientific name Loxodonta africana, and african forest elephant have a scientific name Loxodonta cyclotls. Both elephants have the same first name as each derived from the same species Loxodonta.

African elephant scientific name:
Loxodonta africana
Loxodonta cyclotls
african elephants
Picture of african elephants
African elephant facts.
According to sources from wikipedia, african elephant population is currently very poor. Recorded drastic decrease in the vulnerable period in 1990, there were 1.3 million population number of African elephant to 600 thousand elephant are still remaining. This is due before 1990 hunting of wild african elephant are legalized so that there is very significant decline in the elephant population. From other sources mentioned that the African elephant population was recorded in 2007 estimated approximately 7000.000 / 3.3 million sq. km. from recent data it appears there was an increase in the number of African elephant populations, because many efforts by the government and animal rescue organizations for the preservation of African elephant. So, gradually african elephant population could be increased again. African elephant rescue and african elephant protection must be done without waiting for the African elephant become endangered and threatened species, so in preservation effort is not too difficult to restore the ideal population african elephant.
african elephant
photo of baby and mom african elephants

African elephant endangered species?Why is the african elephant endangered?
Actually there are two factors that can affect the number population of African elephants living in the wild, these two factors are natural and human factors.

Natural factors include the african elephant predators, weather conditions, food, diet african elephant and others. One question that comes to our mind is "African elephants have predators?" Actually, since the first elephants have no natural predators. However, in certain circumstances where herbivores are often difficult to be found (eg beef, deer, bison), many carnivorous target / hunting elephants as an alternative food. It is very rare because adult elephants have great power so if karnivoranot careful could be killed easily. That included some african elephant predators are hyenas, lions, other carnivores. That often targeted by predators is a baby elephant, and predators usually hunt young elephants in groups because when done alone it is impossible to fight an elephant one on one even if only a young elephant.

Human factor is a factor that has a big hand that makes endangered African elephants. The fact that most of the killing of elephants in the wild were killed by humans and very rarely killed by natural predators. African elephant poaching is one of the activities carried out by humans, african elephant poaching real goal is to take the ivory. Ivory elephant has a very high economic value for some people, there is also considered that ivory has benefits for the cure of malignant disease, but it can not be proven by any research (but a myth). African elephant poaching has resulted in a drastic reduction of the population of African elephants. Try to see the african elephant endangered facts mentioned above about the number of African elephant populations. Before regulations are made elephant poaching, elephant population decreases every year. In recent years, with many african elephant conservation efforts made ​​african elephant population rise slowly. Certainly, it is good news for us.For those of us who want to help to conserve the African elephant, but do not have the time to participate in conservation activities, then there is one African elephant rescue program that is perfect for us. The program is adopt an african elephant. Adopt an african elephant is a program to raise funds to rescue African elephants, African elephants because of the rescue process requires funding / costs not less so with this program we can help smooth the process of saving African elephants.

African elephants have two types, namely african bush elephant (scientific name is Loxodonta africana) and african forest elephant (scientific name Loxodonta cyclotls). The main cause of endangerment is the elephant africa poaching by humans. The main purpose of poaching is to get ivory from African elephants. It is wrong when people regard that ivory has medical properties (this is the fact that really, really wrong). Lastly, the message of the author is to save African elephants while there is still opportunity and fully support efforts to save the African elephant with whatever we can.