Baby Elephant: Pictures, Weight, etc

The elephant is the largest animal to live on land. This is because the weight of the animal elephant is the heaviest weight of the animals that live on land. Certainly very interesting to talk about the elephant, but at this time we are not concerned about the elephants but about the baby elephant. Why baby elephant? certainly a lot of interesting side of the baby elephant can we review more detail and will certainly be very interesting to you. Let's discuss point by point about the baby elephant.

Cute baby elephant
You are not wrong to judge very cute baby elephant, the behavior and development is very interesting to note. There have been many videos on that portray how cute baby elephant. And it certainly has a lot of photographers who capture the special moments baby elephant which shows cute baby elephant.
One of the videos and images baby elephant are:

Cute baby elephant video (youtube) 

Cute baby elephant pictures

Baby elephant pictures
Baby elephant pictures
baby elephant pics
baby elephant pics
baby elephant
baby elephant
cute baby elephant pictures
cute baby elephant pictures

Baby elephant weigh, how big is a baby elephant?
There are actually two species of elephant that lived on earth. Elephant species are elephant asian / indian (Elephas maximus) and african elephant (Loxodonta aricana). From both, be it asian baby elephant and african baby elephant has almost the same weight in general. Weight of baby elephant average ranged from 120 kg. 120 kg is the weight one of the biggest baby from animals living on the earth today. Even with the baby elephant size, baby elephants can still do normal activities like a baby animal others. Playing, running, moving, eating with their mother are some common activities performed baby elephant. Many people think that with weight of 120 kg baby elephant can what? Fox mindset you that size does not guarantee anything, in fact with 120 kg baby elephant can do all with normal activities without being disturbed with size. So, do not underestimate the baby elephant with a weight of 120 kg.

Baby elephant facts:
1. The pregnancy of an elephant average is 22 months.
2. Owned weight of baby elephant average is 120 kg.
3. baby elephant height average is 90 cm.
4. Baby elephants are the largest mammal babies in the world.
5. The baby elephant is one of the mammals that smart and easy to remember commands.
6. Intelligence baby elephant caused brain volume elephant is very large.
7. Elephant or baby elephant can swim in the water.
8. Elephant or baby elephant can not jump (this is possible because the weight of elephant is much larger than in other mammals).

For those of you who like a baby elephant, has many diverse gifts baby elephant, elephant baby clothes, baby elephant stuff, and even a baby elephant toys that you can buy in stores near your home. You do not need to buy ivory elephant to show that you are an animal lover elephant. If you really loved the baby elephant then adopt a baby elephant action is recommended to help preserve elephants live in the wild. Adopt a baby elephant is an effort to participate in helping the preservation and conservation of wild elephant life. So, let's do adopt a baby elephant to show that we care about the preservation of elephants.

Elephant baby weight is 120 kg. The baby elephants are cute animals (as shown by the behavior and interaction with the wild). Baby elephants are baby mammals largest and heaviest in the world. No need to have elephant ivory to show that you are an elephant lover. Adopt a baby elephant is one elephant rescue program and conservation of elephants, which is suitable for you lovers of elephants.