Giving Feed Koi Fish

Feed Work in addition to helping the establishment ideal body and brighten the colors on the koi fish, as well as its medium for treating the sick koi. Type of feed given to a natural food or feed artificial feed. Most importantly it contains a nutritionally balanced food in accordance with the needs of koi fish. Feed should be given twice daily, morning and afternoon for the nutritional needs of koi fish are met.

Maintain Water Quality Koi Fish

Four layers of filter also needs to be installed to maintain the cleanliness and smoothness of the water supply. Four-layer filter is a filter consisting of the first filter consisting of gravel, sand, and the fibers which function to filter waste and pollute the pool mud.

Whale facts: Scientists Reveal Secrets of the Whale Migration

PARIS - Scientists United States (U.S.) managed to uncover the secret behind the whale migration is still a mystery. As quoted by AFP on Thursday (10.27.2011), some killer whales tail is able to swim as far as 10 thousand kilometers, from the South Pole to the tropics, with the aim not to eat and breed.

Cassowary bird can not FLY

Cassowary bird belonging to the order Casuariiformes. This order consists of two families, namely family and dromidae casuaridae. In Indonesia only found casuaridae family, which consists of three species: Casuarius casuarius, and Casuarius Casuarius benneti unafendiculatus.

Facts about Piranha Fish

Facts Piranha Fish, piranha fish has the Latin name Pygocentrus nattereri. Derived from the Amazon basin, and spread up the river northeastern Brazil, and Paraguay river basins, Paranai and Essequibo. Piranha is a type of animal colonies. They live in large numbers to hundreds of birds. The more the herd the more aggressive Piranha fish prey food.

Between Facts and Myths Fish Piranha

Piranha is a freshwater fish included in the family Characidae. Characidae is a derivative of the order Characiformes, the freshwater fish species belonging to omnivores. Natural habitat is in South America rivers in country. In the language of Venezuela, called the piranha fish caribes and is renowned as having a taste for meat.

22 Facts About Cats That You Must Know

Here are 22 Facts About Cats That You Must Know:

1. Cats have about 30 teeth in its mouth.

2. Cats sleep the longest among other animals, about 16 hours.

3. Cats with white fur and blue eyes are usually born deaf, although they developed other senses instead.

Eurasian Wolf and Italian Wolf

[Italian Wolf]
Also known as the Apennine wolf, wolves can be found in the Italian Apennine Mountains in Italy, some regions in Switzerland and some parts of northern France.

Mexican Wolf (Canis lupus baileyi)

Mexican wolves are one of the most endangered wolf on the planet. Initially they can be found in most parts of northern Mexico and most of the southern U.S., and they were declared an endangered species in 1976.

Arctic Wolf (Canis lupus arctos)

Arctic wolves can be found in the Canadian Arctic islands and the northern coast of Greenland. Because of the extreme isolation and harsh conditions of their environment, not much is known about the subspecies of gray wolf Arctic.

African wild dog

African wild dogs are also called spotted dog or Cape hunting dogs, they roam the open plains and forest trees rarely sub-Saharan Africa. African wild dogs are the type of mammals (Mammalia), the status of carnivores (meat eaters), the average life span in the wild up to 11 years. Their body size, length 29.5 to 43 inches (75 to 110 cm), weight :39,5-79 lbs (18 to 36 kg), the protection of endangered status.

Gray Wolf (canis lupus)

Gray wolf is the largest on the species. they can be found in diverse habitats in much of North America. These animals survived the ice age and estimated the ancestors of domestic dogs. But they may not survive the cruelty of human

Tropical rainforest animals and plants

Tropical rainforest animals and plants, rainforest in the tropics found peninsula covering Central America, South America, Africa, Madagascar, Northern Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia. In this forest there are various types of plants that can live as it gets sunshine and adequate rainfall.

Pink River Dolphin Facts

From five species of freshwater dolphins in the world, the Amazon River Dolphin pink, or Boto, are the most intelligent. Dolphins are friendly and have a brain capacity 40% larger than humans. Since a few years ago, mammals, this is one of swimmer's most endangered species among all dolphins in the world. This is due to destruction and deforestation of the rain forest (rainforest) in the Amazon region where they live.

The Facts about Dolphin

The dolphins, water mammals this one might not familiar to us, the figure of the fish that symbolizes friendship and also figure friendly, funny and cute and make people quickly familiar mammals like this one. Dolphins frequently used by various parties, such as the U.S. military had conducted experiments on dolphins for espionage missions (eye). Dolphins have a real unique ability as a man observant when we can capture the intent of changing the behavior of the dolphins.

Jellyfish oh Jellyfish

Jellyfish are one type of marine life that 95% of its body consists of water and has no spine. This marine life can live in almost all climates. Having tentacles in body (an organ that resembles a proboscis), without the eyes and brain. Anyone have a mouth and some do not. Having an air bubble in his upper body and a piece of flesh colored blue, hence the name "Jellyfish".

About Jelyfish

The jelyfish is a kind of marine animal belonging to the class Scyphozoa. Tufted umbrella-shaped body, can make the itching of the skin upon contact.
Scientific Classification:
Domain: Eukaryota
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Cnidaria