The Facts about Dolphin

The dolphins, water mammals this one might not familiar to us, the figure of the fish that symbolizes friendship and also figure friendly, funny and cute and make people quickly familiar mammals like this one. Dolphins frequently used by various parties, such as the U.S. military had conducted experiments on dolphins for espionage missions (eye). Dolphins have a real unique ability as a man observant when we can capture the intent of changing the behavior of the dolphins.


His unique ability, among other things, like helping people who happened to get lost or tossed bobbing in the ocean (usually a dolphin helped and guided toward the water), but it can also tell when the earthquake will occur.

All that allows for the dolphin is an animal that is very easy to train. estimated there are between 30 to 40 species of dolphins, 5 of which are dolphins that live in fresh water. Although they live in the water, the dolphin is a mammal that breathes through a blowhole, which is located at the top of their heads.

Several species of dolphins have to rise to the surface to breathe every 20 to 30 seconds. Dolphins are very social, likes to play, conscientious, and intelligent. They live in groups or families called Pods. berisitirahat dolphins with only half of their brain activate, and his eyes open next door.

This allows them to rise to the surface to breathe and to protect themselves from predators. male dolphin called Bulls (bull), while females are called Cows (cows). The dolphins can reach speeds of 60 km / h or 37 mph it. Additionally Both sides of the dolphin brain work separately.

For 8 hours, both sides of the brain is conscious. Then the left side to sleep for 8 hours. After side awoke, the right side will sleep for 8 hours. Thus dolphins can sleep for 8 hours without having to physically stop and continue swimming.

dolphins use sound to his senses of sight, use sound to find in what direction his must swim to find food, a unique time dolphins spend his voice for small fish seeking food, then the small fish that will be powerless.

Another fact of dolphins we may often find out is they like to accompany the ships that sail on the ocean on the left side of the hull right, this is certainly a spectacle of its own for passenger ships.

In recent years, many dolphins are hunted to be used as food ingredients because it is believed to have health benefits. It is really very sad, because it can cause the extinction of animals from the face of the earth. Often we hear, they were stranded on the coast as a result of the disruption of the navigation system in because of the heat wave or other disturbance in the sea.