Cassowary bird can not FLY

Cassowary bird belonging to the order Casuariiformes. This order consists of two families, namely family and dromidae casuaridae. In Indonesia only found casuaridae family, which consists of three species: Casuarius casuarius, and Casuarius Casuarius benneti unafendiculatus.

General characteristics of families casuaridae a.l.:

  • Large wedge-shaped body, the height can reach 150 cm.
  • His legs were sturdy for walking and running
  • The neck is long, sturdy and large beak - strong
  • Unable to fly due to degeneration of the feather wings that are not perfect and apart.
  • Three toes facing forward fruit with sharp nails.
  • Difficult to distinguish the male-female.

This bird is found in Indonesia INDONESIA East section: Irian Jaya, the Moluccas (eerie and Aru Islands). Casuarius Casuarius types have been protected, but the cassowary has become the meat of animals hunted for food. Eggs in the Moluccas be carving material after it is discharged through the hole of the needle. Cassowaries are now hard to find.

Cassowary Eating behavior

Eating behavior is an important part of animal life. Cassowary like foods are fruits, insects and sometimes eat small stones (by population).

As with other types of birds to peck Cassowary capture prey and chase him when flying insects. Not yet known whether cassowaries eat worms or not. Cassowaries have never scraped the ground.

Thick-skinned fruits such as guava fruit, walnuts relatively easier to eat. Fruit lying on the ground pegged, which has squeezed fruit once or twice as he stretched out his head the pounding on the tilt and lifted up, beak wide open, then rushed into the cavity of the fruit of his mouth and then swallowed. Cassowary fruit to straighten the neck pins.

Cassowary in the search for suspected food than to take the fruit that has fallen the ground are also trying to bring down the cult of relative fruit can still be vibrated. The brunt of the feet or scratching her body. This allegation was made ​​aware of the cassowary behavior which at times struck something on face upright. Had several times cassowaries hit the stands empty drums is like playing a few times with no previous training. His movements were like a chicken fight with are not only pecking, head straight to the top.

Regarding the small stones which might devour a meal is an important behavior in an attempt to destroy the food, fruits are relatively strong in its crop.

Cassowary Breed

Cassowary is often seen in the woods, two by two, if more visible to other small pieces, his son. Maybe cassowaries live in pairs, but had also met with cassowary walk alone. According to residents, such cassowaries are usually females, the males because they are incubating their eggs. Somenente resident, said the cassowary TOR Top female can spawn up to eight grains, the male brood about 2 months.

Cassowary eggs had also found a 2 point above the leaf litter just lying around, do not look any form nests. According to residents as well, cassowaries do not make nests. Arises when a new nest egg has incubated a male, litter and soil notched down.

Cassowary cassowary children are still small furry brown and beige striped like a wild boar. How long the child-parent fathers participate cassowary is unclear, probably about 5-6 months.

Cassowary Walking and running

As a bird can not fly, then the walking and ran a good primary abilities in finding food and flee himself from danger.

In these circumstances there is no danger of running with his head erect cassowary or a little above the neck is bent, but the head upright or slightly bent. Another case when run, then head straight to her flat, sometimes even lower with a lively snaking between the branches of shrubs or small trees. This is the end, especially when he's shy away from danger. Wedge-shaped body is so much easier move in the woods.

Sturdy legs with sharp nails on the third finger, and overlooking the prominent beak is really very dangerous, when the cassowary fight and attack enemies. For humans really need to be vigilant. A cassowary is suddenly met with us and face the direction, then he will still, his face sharp as investigating the movement of what we do. Blue eyes and head for the writer feels scary.

The next movement of the bird is running a circular arc as far as the bow as far to shape 20-30 m, back and forth very quickly. It was a preparatory move to attack when disturbed. For cassowaries are afraid, then since I met and ran quickly slipped away.

Because behavior is so then the people who hunt alone very wary cassowary, cassowary direct immediately after seeing the spear or dart attack, because if cassowaries have seen he is very agile evade or dangerous when fighting.