Pink River Dolphin Facts

From five species of freshwater dolphins in the world, the Amazon River Dolphin pink, or Boto, are the most intelligent. Dolphins are friendly and have a brain capacity 40% larger than humans. Since a few years ago, mammals, this is one of swimmer's most endangered species among all dolphins in the world. This is due to destruction and deforestation of the rain forest (rainforest) in the Amazon region where they live.

Pink River Dolphin

Their social habits do not like the bottle-nosed dolphins are most common. They have no predators, except for the "man", so they do not need to travel in large groups.

It is unclear what causes the unique color of the Boto, but the presence cells on the surface of their skin capillaries may contribute to some or most of the color of their birth. Other factors that also determine the age, and also the temperature of the water where they live.

Scientists who have studied botos ancestors, did not find much information even if they find that the ancestors of the Amazon River Boto had entered through the Pacific Ocean about 15 million years ago.

Boto has two different colors. Pink and gray. "Scientists say that the older dolphins they become more and more pink color. Therefore, if you see a picture with the mother and baby pink dolphins, you may not believe that a baby gray is the son of the pink dolphins.

The dolphins eat crustaceans (such as crab, and shrimp, etc.) catfish and other freshwater fish. Their necks are so flexible, allowing them to turn his head to 180 degrees backward. It helps them to move more freely in the area of ​​deep water, water meadows, rivers, and shallow waters.

They have a distinct hump on their back with a bottle nose dolphin that has fins on its back. Have the elongated snout like Pinocchio, made ​​their appearance rather unique look.

The biggest threat these beautiful creatures are fishermen with their nets. Fortunately, all dolphins are able to act aggressively, and instinctively know to stay away, so they are not a lot caught.

As the animal with the highest intelligence they can distinguish between people who come to the nets that threaten the safety to humans that come with friendship.

Although. . like humans, they may not know the hidden malicious intent within the human mind. And sometimes they are also mistaken instinct. These animals are very friendly and welcoming and also helpers to humans. When playing with humans Boto be very careful until their sharp teeth to injure no man.

Unfortunately until now, there is no test that is open and extends related dengankecerdasan dolphins. Although scientists have found that the ratio of brain mass to body weight compared to their difference in a lot of bottle-nosed dolphins.

Their size varies but they generally can reach 2.5 or 3 meters long, weighing about 90 kilograms. Males are generally larger than females, but sometimes you can also find females with a larger size.

River dolphins reach sexual maturity when they reach a size of 2 meters. Their mating season is between July and September. Their gestation period is between 9 and 12 months. River dolphins young called "legs". This title just like other dolphins around the world.

Amazon Orinoco region, in South America is the only place in the world, where you can find pink dolphins. These creatures really are on the list of endangered species and we need to preserve them. Hopefully this article can awaken the reader about the importance of protecting and preserving the flora and fauna. What about you?