Jellyfish oh Jellyfish

Jellyfish are one type of marine life that 95% of its body consists of water and has no spine. This marine life can live in almost all climates. Having tentacles in body (an organ that resembles a proboscis), without the eyes and brain. Anyone have a mouth and some do not. Having an air bubble in his upper body and a piece of flesh colored blue, hence the name "Jellyfish".
Created transparent (translucent), most of these types of jellyfish jellyfish can also emit light from its body, imagine or see for yourself her beauty. Light issued jellyfish jellyfish's body not only as accessories to beautify the body, but also as a means of self defense from predators. At the time of being chased by a predator jellyfish jellyfish, his body will give off light. But when bitten, the body of the bell-shaped jellyfish jelly would extinguish the light, while the tentacles are still glowing released from his body in order to fool predators. Jellyfish jellyfish will flee when a predator pursuing the release of luminous tentacles.

Some kind of jellyfish jellyfish has toxins. Toxins also serves to substitute self-defense in light of other types. On one of its kind, the box jellyfish jellyfish (box jellyfish) have a very deadly poison. Venom contains a toxin that attacks the heart, nervous system and skin cells. In addition to deadly jellyfish stings from box jellyfish tentacles also cause tremendous pain. Sting can also cause shock in humans, pain and wounds of the sting can be weeks and weeks old, and can also cause death.

A chemist from Japan, Osamu Shimomura with 3 friends to do hunting jellyfish jellyfish in 1961 as fascinated by the pretty green light lit on jellyfish jellyfish. Curious about it, Osamu Shimomura doing research. A year later found the results, that the color of the jellyfish green fluorescent jellyfish protein is a compound called "green fluorescent protein".

The findings of Shimomura and 3 friends have provided inspiration for the biochemists in the world. If the green protein is attached to another protein or a structure in the cell, the researchers will be able to observe how the cells are complex machines that work. Thanks to the help of this protein that facilitated technology deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), the researchers could follow the process in the body that has not seen, such as the development of nerve cells of the brain or how cancer cells spread. The green color on the protein used as a marker of cell movement. Green protein would help to move when the cell moves, the researchers can easily tell what is wrong with our body's cells or when there is disease infection.

Furthermore, various other discoveries had been found by experts from jellyfish green jellyfish protein, the technology that really change the world of medical research in the future. Upon discovery, Osamu Shimomura won the Nobel chemistry prize in 2008.