Ethiopian wolf facts, habitat, and pictures

Probably most people recognize the wolf as an animal that lives in low-temperature environments. This is because most people are more familiar with the white wolf, white wolves live in temperate regions and snowy. But you ever heard the wolf from Africa? The answer is Ethiopian wolf. This wolf is rarely possible to know, but they exist and live on our earth.

Ethiopian wolf

Ethiopian wolf has many names, there are at least five names that we have found from various sources. These names are Red Jackal, Abyssinian Wolf, Simien Fox, Fox Abyssinian, and Simien Jackal

Name : Ethiopia Wolf
Habitat : Mountains in Ethiopia
Food : Rabbit and rat mountain
Height : 65-80cm
Length : 130cm
Color : bright red-brown with white clad in neck area
Characteristics: Can run fast until they reach 65 km / h

Ethiopian wolf totaled up to more than hundreds of individuals in the Bale Mountains National Park, Ethiopia. Ethiopian wolf facts, now number fewer than 500 wolves. why is the ethiopian wolf endangered?? Some reasons why the Ethiopian wolf is endangered because their habitat is diminishing. They are exposed to diseases such as rabies that is transmitted by pets.

Canary bird, life, and breeders

Canary birds are songbirds that so many fans and melodious voice that makes people want to keep it / have it. Canary has variety of color variations and color combinations are unique. Caring for Canary bird is easy and fun. However. The birds will be very interesting and well developed, if the bird is living freely in nature or in the forest.

Canary breeders, has many discussed about how to raise canaries in several bird website. So here will only discuss the difficulties in the process of breeding canaries. Canary breeding is an activity that consists of several interrelated processes, farmers are expected patiently in undergoing any process through. In any process there are several barriers that quite disturbing, breeders should be able to solve every problem. Many of the problems you face are:

The mother did not want to produce eggs, can cause a variety of ages among the canary still young, where the nest is less comfortable for the parent canaries, then there are nuisance animals. Eggs did not hatch, the cause is composed of several factors that are too young breeders, breeders are not the same lust second, the parent sterile, at the time of breeding is not fertilized, etc. Eggs hatch but his son died after hatching, the cause is malnutrition breeders, there are nuisance animals so that the parent does not want to leave the nest as a result his son squashed. There are habits of the parent plucked her child cause the mother had to taste the delicious young feathers of his son, to eliminate this practice is quite difficult in my opinion better breeders replaced.

In the end, canary bird is one that is very admirable. Many people who want to breed canaries, but not everyone can be successful in breeding them. There are special problems that can result in failed breeding canaries. Understand the problems described above in order to become successful breeders. However, we as humans must preserve the life canary bird in nature. Because canary bird who live in nature would become remarkable bird rather than just living in a cage.

Galapagos islands facts, islands, and animals

Galapagos Islands or Galapagos Islands is very unique. unique because The Galapagos Islands found many endemic animals and plants (said to be endemic because it can not be found elsewhere). We will not discuss the Galapagos Islands as a whole, but only limited about galapagos islands animals, galapagos penguins, and galapagos turtle.

Galapagos islands

Galapagos islands are one group of islands in the Pacific Ocean west of Ecuador exactly. Galapagos has a very beautiful scenery. This island is also home to many rare and unique animals. Lizards, iguanas, turtles, sea lions, and finches, are some animals that live on the Galapagos islands. The size and shape of animals living in the Galapagos is not like ordinary animals. It's very unique and larger than similar animals.

For example, the Galapagos turtle. His size three times larger than the usual turtle. Adult Galapagos turtle may reach 1.2 meters in length with weight of 300 pounds.

Galapagos Penguin

Galapagos Penguin (Spheniscus mendiculus), North penguin species is the Galapagos penguin, who lives year-round near the equator. Classification of penguin galapago: Kingdom-Animalia, Phylum-Chordata, Class-Aves, Order-Sphenisciformes, Family-Spheniscidae, Genus-Spheniscus, and Species-S. mendiculus.

Galapagos turtle

Galapagos turtle are the largest turtle are still alive, have karapaks giant, big feet, and a long neck. There are a variety of shell shapes and sizes, depending on the origin of the turtle island in the Galapagos Islands. They spend the majority of time to eat in small groups and sunbathing dikolam or mud puddles. In the mating season, males become defensive and start looking for a partner. Females make nests to lay eggs dilubang ground. Except for a few who live to more than 100 years, the Galapagos turtle remains vulnerable. The main threat is the destruction at a young age by a new species such as black rats and cats, as well as competition with goats and cows to get the plant.

Jasmine plant, tea, benefits, and other

Jasmine is a flowering plant ornamental in the form shrubs trunked upright, and jasmine life cycle throughout the year without certain seasons. There are several species of jasmine, from about 200 species are two of them are star jasmine plant (Jasminum multiflorum) and arabian jasmine plant/ white jasmine (Jasminum sambac).

Termites Habitat, Baby, Fly?

Termites are small animals that often we find and live in wood. Termites are one of the hated animals by humans, it is because termites are destroying home appliances made from wood. There are three things that will be discussed in this occasion, that are "can termites fly/do termites fly", baby termites, termites habitat.

Green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas)

On this occasion we will discuss about the green sea turtle, why we chose green sea turtle? because the green sea turtle is an animal from the species of turtle that most widely populations compared with other turtles. Green turtle or green sea turtle known as (Chelonia mydas), is one type of sea turtles are common and more numerous compared to some other turtles.