Ethiopian wolf facts, habitat, and pictures

Probably most people recognize the wolf as an animal that lives in low-temperature environments. This is because most people are more familiar with the white wolf, white wolves live in temperate regions and snowy. But you ever heard the wolf from Africa? The answer is Ethiopian wolf. This wolf is rarely possible to know, but they exist and live on our earth.

Ethiopian wolf

Ethiopian wolf has many names, there are at least five names that we have found from various sources. These names are Red Jackal, Abyssinian Wolf, Simien Fox, Fox Abyssinian, and Simien Jackal

Name : Ethiopia Wolf
Habitat : Mountains in Ethiopia
Food : Rabbit and rat mountain
Height : 65-80cm
Length : 130cm
Color : bright red-brown with white clad in neck area
Characteristics: Can run fast until they reach 65 km / h

Ethiopian wolf totaled up to more than hundreds of individuals in the Bale Mountains National Park, Ethiopia. Ethiopian wolf facts, now number fewer than 500 wolves. why is the ethiopian wolf endangered?? Some reasons why the Ethiopian wolf is endangered because their habitat is diminishing. They are exposed to diseases such as rabies that is transmitted by pets.