Giant panda facts for kids

Giant panda or that have a Latin name Ailuropoda melanoleuca is Funny Animals from Chinese nation, Panda includes category of mammals and classified in the bear family (Ursidae). Here will be a lot of discussion about the Giant panda facts for kids, of course, that fact would not lead to a special case that can be easily understandable for kids.

The first fact is habitat. The Giant Panda Habitat in the mountainous region where many bamboo plants (bamboo is a favorite food of the most favored by pandas, pandas can spend a long time just to eat bamboo all day), such as Tibet and Sichuan. The main food, bamboo or plant-eating (Omnipora), but according to the findings in mind that Panda is also included in the class of animal carnivores and herbivores, because they also eat eggs and insects (but food other than bamboo just food for pandas side). The second dish is considered a source of protein that Panda needs.

The second fact is the color. Everyone must know the color of the main panda is black and white. Differences with pattern color owned by zebra, zebra color shades have the vertical lines between black and white. While pandas have black and white pattern that is not fused. View panda photograph below.

Giant panda
Giant panda
The third fact is endangered species, Giant Panda Chinese origin includes species endangered species because of habitat lost much / mountain environment where many bamboo plants, but it is also very low birth rate from panda itself.

Giant pandas
Giant panda
The fourth fact is the history of the panda. Giant Panda was first known in the western world in 1869 by a French missionary Armand David. Panda's image as a sweet and cute animals from China is described by the daily behavior while reclining peacefully eating bamboo favorite food, which is often described as a bear while hunting prey. So many people loved the world and make it as a species of the funniest and make it as a business asset in a cute doll products. Even make it as a cartoon starring a very well-loved animated films.

For the conclusion from article about giant panda facts for kids. It can be concluded that to know panda then we must know also the habitat, history, colors, food, and pandas endangered species. So more we know we will be more pandas love to preserve pandas in the wild, so panda will not become extinct. And for children is to be given the understanding that the animals should be protected and should live in nature, not to be used as pets.