cat flea control/cat flea treatment

There are many ways to exterminate cat fleas in the cat's body. Surely all this drug is a drug topical, namely a drug who worn outside the body not a medicine drinking although there are among others is medicine oral. Examples of these drugs are:

1. Cat Flea Drops drug

Flea drops are sold freely in the pet store in your town. These drops are used in the neck behind the cat. There are many types and brands of eye drops, such as Frontline Plus, Frontline Top Spot, Revolution, etc..

2. Anti Mite Spray

Anti-flea spray can be found in the pet store, pet store with the price of the middle and upper levels. These drugs are in a spray bottle and spray should be used carefully. The purpose spray that does not mean a cat to wet sprayed or drenched, it's very dangerous. Read the rules of use and how to spray on the packaging. Do not spray directly into face, eyes, genitals, and mouth of a cat.

3. Shampoo

Flea shampoo for cats is Machiko (purchased at a large pet store / vet clinic), PPP (Professional Pet Products), Hartz, and other brands are safe for cats. Read the rules and warnings use the discipline. Allow the foaming shampoo in a cat body for 10-15 minutes. Do not let the cats exposed to cold and frostbite. Use a cat shampoo containing pyrethrin.

4. Anti-flea collar

Anti-flea collar on the pet shops everywhere. Again, do not buy the anti-flea collar containing Amitraz, permethrin, or organophospate. Use of anti-flea collar is not to strangle the cat. Leave at least a space where you can insert your fingers between the neck of two cats with necklaces. Because many shortcomings such as a necklace will become useless when wet, damaged, and so on, use other more effective ways such as bathing, giving drops, or talc.

5. Powder
A special powder to exterminate cat fleas. Available at all pet shops that sell cat needs a price range.

6. Fleas comb

Fleas comb is meeting comb made ​​of steel or solid material that is specific to look for adult fleas. Fleas comb is sold freely in pesthop. Fleas comb is the safest way to kill Fleas. Only one drawback, namely a long time, it is an ancient the search for one by one. Never kill the Fleas by pressing it directly on your nails, use a folded paper and then put Fleas in the crease and then you hit the nail out of paper. Or by placing Fleas into the liquid detergent. Cat Flea Bite is a hypersensitivity disease treatment is not effective to use this method.