Canary bird, life, and breeders

Canary birds are songbirds that so many fans and melodious voice that makes people want to keep it / have it. Canary has variety of color variations and color combinations are unique. Caring for Canary bird is easy and fun. However. The birds will be very interesting and well developed, if the bird is living freely in nature or in the forest.

Canary breeders, has many discussed about how to raise canaries in several bird website. So here will only discuss the difficulties in the process of breeding canaries. Canary breeding is an activity that consists of several interrelated processes, farmers are expected patiently in undergoing any process through. In any process there are several barriers that quite disturbing, breeders should be able to solve every problem. Many of the problems you face are:

The mother did not want to produce eggs, can cause a variety of ages among the canary still young, where the nest is less comfortable for the parent canaries, then there are nuisance animals. Eggs did not hatch, the cause is composed of several factors that are too young breeders, breeders are not the same lust second, the parent sterile, at the time of breeding is not fertilized, etc. Eggs hatch but his son died after hatching, the cause is malnutrition breeders, there are nuisance animals so that the parent does not want to leave the nest as a result his son squashed. There are habits of the parent plucked her child cause the mother had to taste the delicious young feathers of his son, to eliminate this practice is quite difficult in my opinion better breeders replaced.

In the end, canary bird is one that is very admirable. Many people who want to breed canaries, but not everyone can be successful in breeding them. There are special problems that can result in failed breeding canaries. Understand the problems described above in order to become successful breeders. However, we as humans must preserve the life canary bird in nature. Because canary bird who live in nature would become remarkable bird rather than just living in a cage.