Termites Habitat, Baby, Fly?

Termites are small animals that often we find and live in wood. Termites are one of the hated animals by humans, it is because termites are destroying home appliances made from wood. There are three things that will be discussed in this occasion, that are "can termites fly/do termites fly", baby termites, termites habitat.

baby termites
Termites Cycle

The first are baby termites. There are interesting facts about it, that is termite nymphs or baby will become three types of termites. Types of termites are the worker termites, moths or flying termites and soldier termites. Distribution of termite species will be largely determined by the queen termite. The queen's chamber itself that will determine the needs of the colony.

Can termites fly or do termites fly ? The answer is "YES"
Above mentioned that baby termite there will become moths / flying termites. Moths / flying termites that can answer this question. Interesting fact, Moths flown by termite colony 2 times a year in a state warm air and wind is not too tight. This do to improve the life expectancy of natural disturbances moths. Moths will be looking for a partner under the lights. Once they find a partner, then they will decide their wings and will go hand in hand looking for a gap in the ground or in buildings.

termites pictures
photos of termites

Another fact about termites, termite king different from ant king that will died soon after soon produce offspring with the queen ant, termite king termite will accompany the queen in her life. Termite king size generally only 1/10 from the size of the queen's chamber. Termite king size increases only slightly after accompanying the Queen. In one colony there is only one queen and king.

Habitat termites.
Termites are wood-eating animals. Of course, where life the termites will not be far from tree or material derived from wood. At the beginning the termites live in the forest there are many trees. But along with the changing times, the trees have become material for the house. Then the termites can live in homes that come from trees. But in Africa, termite can build their own homes using soil so
termite mounds can be lifted up, and looks very majestic than the other buildings.

termites pictures
picture of termites

Conclusion. Termites are the animals that live in trees or wood materials. Babies can become termite worker termite, soldier termite, and moths / flying termite. Termites can fly if baby termite become moths / flying termite.