Giving Feed Koi Fish

Feed Work in addition to helping the establishment ideal body and brighten the colors on the koi fish, as well as its medium for treating the sick koi. Type of feed given to a natural food or feed artificial feed. Most importantly it contains a nutritionally balanced food in accordance with the needs of koi fish. Feed should be given twice daily, morning and afternoon for the nutritional needs of koi fish are met.

koi fish drawings
koi fish drawings

Type of feed used to spur the growth of koi fish that ideal body shape is elongate body fat and wheat germ. The feed is made from a material containing such a high protein, wheat, shrimp meal, fish meal and soybean meal.

Protein content of about 32%. Besides wheat germ also contains vitamins A, D, E, K, B2, B6, B12, niacin, vitamin C and other mineral elements such as calcium, choline chloride, panthetonate, trace minerals, and antioxidants.

Meanwhile, the feed to brighten and sharpen the color of the koi is feed containing carotenoids. These substances can stimulate the appearance of colors on the koi fish. Naturally in the body of the koi fish are substances that produce carotenoids antaxanthin a red color, and lutein which creates a greenish yellow color.

Food that contain substances such as carotenoids; carrots, algae or algae Spirullina, and Chlorella, watermelon, collards, cabbage and green peppers. While the feed of animals could be given to crabs, crustaceans, krill, trout, salmon, water fleas, mosquito larvae, worms, hair and blood worms.