What do clown fish eat? let's talk

Clown fish is one species of fish living in the sea. Clown fish belonging to the family Pomacentridae or more commonly known as coral advertising. Till date, of the family has been found 28 species and a total of 27 species of the genus Amphiprion comprises (from the genus Amphiprion one clan Premnas). The main characteristics of a clown fish is a fish has a distinctive color and pattern. You could see a clown fish image below. Furthermore, what are the food of a clown fish? What do clown fish eat? What do clown fish with anemones?

Clown Fish Picture from leenwallpapers.com

Clown fish food and what do clown fish eat
Clown fish is very closely related to anemones. Why be so? Anemones is a food source of the clown fish, but anemones are not eaten clown fish directly, but both (clown fish and anemones) have a mutually beneficial relationship with each other. The main meal of the clown fish are small animals or invertebrates attached to the anemone tentacles. And indirectly by eating small invertebrates attached anemones, clown fish helps the anemone survival. Because in general invertebrates that live in the tentacles of the anemone is very detrimental to the development / growth / life anemones. And one of the highlights was a clown fish waste can be utilized by the anemone as nutrients for the development of the anemone.