Cheetah running speed

11 year old female cheetah from Cincinati Zoo, Ohio, USA, named Sarah crowned the fastest . Imagine, these animals can run with inter space 100 meters in just 5.95 seconds!
Cheetah running
Cheetah running
Currently the fastest runner origin Jamaica, Usain Bolt, who competed in the London Olympics, for instance, is only able to cover a distance of 100 meters in 9.58 seconds. Cheetah was destined to run faster than humans. On the tape documentation of National Geographic magazine, Sarah was able to run at speeds of 98 km / hour based on the measurement results when run in the Road Running Technical Council of USA Track & Field. Cheetah run at an average speed of 96.5 km / h.- Sarah's record for the fastest run beat his own previous record. In 2009, Sarah could run 100 meters in 6.13 seconds. The record before that was a male named Nyana South Africa, running 100 meters in 6.19 seconds.
Cheetah running
Sarah is now a part of the Cat Ambassador Program. Running fast is documented in an effort to support conservation program as a big cat, Big Cat Initiative.

Secret velocity is on the spine that very flexible, able to make taking 6.7 meters in every step. Cheetah also always accelerate the movement while running.
running cheetah pictures
 Running cheetah pictures