Camel bird (Ostrich) 50 km/hour

Camel bird (Ostrich) not just any bird. Height can reach 2.5 meters and weigh 180 kg. In addition to large, Birds Camels also have exceptional durability.
Camel bird (Ostrich)
Camel bird (Ostrich)
This bird can survive at temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius until temperature of 0 degrees Celsius. Ostrich also fairly long, can reach about 50 years of age. Even so, even in such large birds Camel, expenses for meals Birds Camels only reached approximately U.S. $ 75 a year.

Generally the only difficulty in maintaining bird cages Camel is a problem. Required a wide area, and fenced. The problem is, once an ostrich ran out from fenced, you need a car to catch up and catch it, because the Birds Camels can run up to speeds of 50 km / hour! AMAZING

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