Camel Strong Animal Desert

Modern science discovered that the camel has advantages compared with other animals in their ability to maintain stable body temperature. Camels including warm-blooded animals. Camel has ways to avoid cold temperatures. When the cold temperatures. Camel had the vessels contained in the skin to contract and shrink so that the skin becomes cold.

Camel Strong Animal Desert

Compared with other animals. Camels have a fairly high level of adaptation. To changes in the body is very extreme asian desert environment. Camel's body can withstand the temperature changes of about 35 to 40.5 degrees Celsius.

Camel has helped people who live in the desert throughout history, and has become a symbol for life in the desert. Desert heat is fatal to other creatures. Apart from a small number of insects, reptiles and some other small animals, no animals are able to live there. Camels are the only large animals that can live there.

Camels can survive up to eight days at temperatures fifty degrees without eating or drinking. When the camel is able to walk without a drink in a long time to find the source of water, it will save it. Camels can drink as much water as one-third weight in ten minutes. This means one hundred thirty liters in one drink, and the storage is a camel's hump. About forty pounds of fat stored here. This makes the camel can travel for days in the desert without eating anything.