Congo Country Forest Rainforest History

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Creating history in the Congo Forest around the 12th to 15th centuries CE is a concern. Historians depend on archaeology, linguistics, oral histories, and also later writing to discover about this time interval because this is a region without having written information. Look into the map below to view where the Congo Forest Rainforest is positioned.

Congo Forest Ranforest
Congo Forest Ranforest

The people existing in the Congo Forest through this time period didn't have a really centralized state just like Great Zimbabwe. They were structured in small states or not any states at all. Such as, historians have advised that there were small regions led by a chief, which were composed of villages ruled by a authorities of elders.

The land was sparsely inhabited due to the fact of the thickness of the tropical rainforest. People were included in both agricultural plus hunting/gathering activities. By about 1400 CE, pastoralism's had came into the Savannah regions to the east and also southeast of the forest. Some historians have speculated that by the communication of pastoralism's and agriculturalists, these people started to manage themselves into institutionalized states. No matter what the reason, these bigger states started to appear in this area starting around 1400 CE. Some comprise the Luba, Lunda, and Congo kingdoms.