Why how Amazon could become so big?

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Amazon River
Amazon River
The question is, how Amazon could become so big? The first reason relates to the proper location on the equator. The area around the "belt line" of the earth is, the warm tropical zone, where the rainfall reached more than 400 inches (1016cm) every year, or an average of more than one inch (3 centimeters) per day!

The northern region of South the U.S., where the Amazon river is located, has a basin-like landforms, and water catchment areas (drainage area) of the Amazon river is often referred to as the Amazon Basin (Amazon Basin). This basin size is almost twice the size of India, or about 40 per cent of the U.S..

At every time it rains anywhere in the watershed was, then all the water will run to the lowest place in the Amazon Basin, which coincidentally, is the Amazon River.

So because of a combination of high rainfall and slope of the land in the Amazon region is what causes the Amazon river became so big.

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