Grizzly Bear Facts

Grizzly bear is one bear species that lived on earth. Another name for grizzly bear is the silvertip bear. Grizzly bear has a classification, among others include kingdom Animalia, phylum chordota, class mammals, order Carnivora, family ursidae, genus Ursus, species U. and subspecies U. arctos a. horribilis. Some Grizzly bear facts that may be known, will be discussed in this article.

Grizzly Bear

Grizzly bears do not have enemies or predators. This put him in first place in the food chain. Even the number of tigers and cougars have been found dead after a grizzly bear attack.

Grizzly bears are also known can smell food range 18 miles.

Can reach 2.5 meters in height when standing upright on hind legs

Weight can reach 360 kg.

Eat anything. starting from plants, termites, and small mammals.

Can run 65 km / h over short distances.

Living in the mountains or valleys that have source water.

Hibernate (hibernation), when hibernation this bear slowing heart work of 40 beats per minute to 8 beats and lowering the entire body functions.

Preparation for hibernation, adult grizzly bears eat about 40 kg per day

Grizzly bears known to eat salmon. when salmon swim upstream for spawn, set Grizzly bears lined up in the middle of the river. Once the salmon leap from the water, directly catch by Grizzly bears.

Baby Grizzly Bear
Baby Grizzly Bear
The Grizzly bears like to live alone. They'd get together with friends and relatives during a party fish. However, female Grizzly bear is a very good mother and loving. Mother grizzly bear very patiently care of and teach bay bear.