Interesting Facts about Ant for Children and kids

Interesting Facts about Ant for Children and kids is the title of this article. Everyone must know and met with ants. But many people may not notice the details about the life of the ant itself. Many people only know that ants always live in groups with very large numbers, and nothing else. This article will give some interesting and sometimes funny facts about ants, so you all know that ants do not just live in groups, but there are still other facts. So enjoy reading.

A. Ant fun facts, 10 interesting ant facts:

1. Ants can carry objects 50 times their own weight with their jaws.
2. Ant soldier uses his head to block the entrance to their nest and prevent intruders from accessing.
3. Some species of ants defend the plants for food and shelter. Ants defend myrmecophytes plants from mammalian and insect herbivores, and can even cut the weeds that trying to grow on host plants.
4. Total biomass of all ants on earth is approximately equal to the total biomass of all the nations of the earth.
5. Ants sometimes herd and join the other species of insects such as aphids or leafhoppers.
6. Ants will enslave other ants species, keeping them hostage and make them work for the colony.
8. Ants began farming long before humans thought to their own farm.
9. Large community of ants form a "super Colonies". Ants can have as many as 700,000 members in its colony.
10. Foraging ants follow the scent trail laid by the scout ants to gather food.

B. Leaf cutter ant facts.
Leaf cutter ant
Leaf cutter ant
Special characteristics of leaf cutter ants, which are also called "Atta", is their habit of carrying pieces of leaves which they cut on his head. This leaf cutter ants is hiding under the leaves, which are very large compared to their body size. This leaves, they hold with clenched jaws. Therefore, the worker's ants way home after working all day to give a view very interesting. People who see it will feel as if the forest floor comes alive and running.

Apparently the leaf cutter ants use leaves to produce mushrooms. Leaves itself cannot they eat because their bodies do not have enzymes that can digest the cellulose in the leaves. Worker ants piling up pieces after they were chewing the leaves, and they kept in the spaces in an underground lair. In this room they grow mushrooms on the leaves. With this, they get the protein they need from the top of mushrooms.

When the ants cut the leaves of with mandible (jaw), whole body vibrates. The scientists observed that the vibration is still made ​​of leaves, so it's easier cutting. At the same time, this sound can attract the attention of other workers - all female - to the area to finish cut the whole leaf. The ants are rubbing two small organs in the stomach to produce this vibration, which can be heard as a human being a very quiet sound. These vibrations were sent through the body until it reaches the mandible of each ant is similar to sickle. With her ​​ass vibrate rapidly, the ants cut the leaves with a sickle-shaped mandibles vibrate, similar to an electric knife.

C. Red ant facts.
Red ant
Red ant
Fire ants can be found in the trees around the house. They make a nest with stringing the leaves into bundles scattered trees editorials. To breed a red ant enough with put some red ants in a tree then it will spread quickly, especially if there is food for prey such as caterpillars or pupae of many.

The life of an ant starts from an egg. If the egg has been fertilized, the female hatched ants (diploid); if not male (haploid). Ants are holometabolisms, which is grown through a complete metamorphosis, passing through larval and pupal stages before they become adults. Larval stage is a very vulnerable stage.

The conclusion of this article, the ant is wonderful and impressive animals. They are animals that live in colonies. They have a good division of labor and well structured. Worker ants, army ants, the queen ant is one of the interesting parts of the ant itself. Of ants, humans should be modeled on a harmonious living among ants with other ants. Hopefully from this article "Interesting Facts about Ant for Children and kids" you can get what you are looking for.