Interesting facts about earth day

Do you know about Earth Day? when we are commemorating Earth Day? Do you know the history of Earth Day? problems on earth? The situation the earth now? The situation the earth the next few years? Maybe some of these questions are general questions about our earth. Earth Day is formed on the basis of concern for many people about the destruction of nature (including air, soil, water, forests, animals, and all contained in the whole earth). Earth Day was first celebrated on 22 April 1970, and then periodically commemorated annually on 22 April. History of the chosen earth Day coincided on April 22 because that date coincided with the birth of the Soviet Union founder Vladimir Lenin. This is not give mean that Earth Day is closely related to the communist ideology adopted by the Soviet Union, but rather chose that date because of Vladimir Lenin has an ideology that goes along with recovery of our earth. In other theory described, on 22 April 1970 coincided on Wednesday. Wednesday are middle day of the week, middle of the week is the culmination of all the business of work in big cities, so hopefully by that date, people are leaving the work to contribute to participate on Earth Day and to leave their jobs. And, on that day it worked, on 22 April 1970 many people participate on Earth Day activities and leave their jobs. It's a little explanation of the history of Earth Day when would and reasons.
earth day

Actually, philosophy earth Day not only we merely commemorate it. But there must be change, especially from within ourselves, and the general environment around us. Changes in lifestyle is one small step to help our earth. The little things that we often forget in keeping our earth, for example, taking out the trash in the garbage, planting trees in our home environment, early knowledge of child as the foundation of the early movement of the earth changes in the future.

How important the role of Earth Day on Earth changes?
Well, I think Earth Day is very important. The reason is there any hope to change towards for the better. Earth Day can be used as a symbol that there are still people who care about the earth, there are still people who respect the earth, and there are still people who love the earth. Advances in technology, economics, science is supposed to be offset by the rapid progress of the concern for the earth. Should rapid development in all sectors should lead to environmentally friendly technologies.

What would happen if people did not care for the earth?
WOW, it will poorly. Why I can say it, it is because both consciously or unconsciously we are living on earth and we are always in need of the earth.

Are you want??

1. Out of the house must use a special mask to filter the air to breathe.

2. To breathe the oxygen we need to buy.

3. Using a special eye protection to see because the air was too thick so that our visibility very limited.

4. No more space to relax in the outdoors for refreshment,

5. Cannot live without instrumentality/tools.

These five points above are just a few examples of the adverse effects that would occur if we do not care about the earth. Remember, the earth is our life and the earth needs us to lifeless. So after reading my article on"Interesting facts about earth day" I hope we begin to change to love our earth. Make the earth a wonderful place, and make the earth as a place most convenient for us to live.