10 Uniqueness about Animal World

10 The uniqueness On Animal World - If we are experiencing strangeness and uniqueness of the animal world may not be endless so many things strange and unique things that occurred in the animal which makes us wonder sometimes astonished and amazed well here are some unique animals around the world want know let's see.

1. Oldest Zoo
The oldest zoo, do you know if the zoo has been around since 2000 in BC? According to historians, the zoo was first established by shulgi of ur iii dynasty who ruled 2097-2094 puzurishpada BC in southeastern Iraq. While the oldest zoo opened for the first time to the public is regent's park in london, english, founded in 1826.

2. Most Expensive horse
Horses raced and frequently appeared as the champion on the racetrack make the selling price of the horse and its derivatives exorbitant. On 23 July 1985, Robert Sangster, the man from Keenelanf, United States, buying a pony which is a pure descendant of one of the champion horse with the price USD 13.1 million.

3. Most Lazy Animals
if you want to succeed do not be lazy like this animal! Armadillos, animals that almost 80% of his life is spent sleeping and sleeping. That is, if these animals age is 10 years, he has been asleep for 8 years.

4. Giraffe Most High
on 8 January 1959, chester zoothe zoo, in Britain, bringing a 9-year-old giraffe from Kenya. Unfortunately, it turns out cages provided by the zoo that was not enough to accommodate long neck animal, because the height reaches 12 meters, equivalent to 3-storey building!

5. Smallest mammals
mammals is the name for animals Smallest. Smallest mammal title borne by the bumblebee bat. Wing span only 16cm long or wide as the book. Its weight was only 1.7 grams. The tiny bat is found in the river kwae noi river, Kanchanaburi, Thailand.

6. Most Dangerous Animals
aides aigepty
aides aigepty
Anopheles mosquitoes
Anopheles mosquitoes
all people must have thought that the most dangerous animal is a tiger or a shark or other predatory animals. It turns out his most dangerous animal is currently carried by Anopheles mosquitoes and aides aigepty, mosquitoes carrying the parasite that causes malaria and dbd. According to experts, the mosquito that has caused the death of 50% of humans since the stone age. To date, at least has more than 200 million people die from malaria every year and dbd. Horrible!

7. Longest millipede
The origin of african black millipedes belong to Jim Klinger, texas, united states amazing, its length reaches 39 cm or throughout the book, which may typically only 15-20 cm.

8. Beautiful apes
Mandril ape
Mandril ape
Mandril ape does look special. Nose west african origin macaques were red. His cheeks were blue and fur lined at the bottom of the chin is yellow. It's a giant ape. Mandriil adults 61-76 cm high.

9. Giant dragonflies
in ancient times, dragonflies were huge. The length of one wing tip to wing tip the other reached 70 cm or as wide as the desk phone. Fossils of a giant dragonfly that lived 300M years ago was found in the commentry, France.

10. Longest-eared rabbit
indeed the long-eared rabbit. However, English lop rabbit named Nipper's geronimo was incredible. The length from tip to tip of left ear right ear reaches 79 cm or over the coffee table. Normally a rabbit has ears 30 cm long. But the rabbit's origin waymon Bakersfield, California United States was crowned as the world's longest-eared rabbit.