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White elephant (or albino elephant) is a rare kind of elephant, though not a different species. Although often depicted as colored snow-white, their skin is actually usually a soft reddish brown changing pink when wet. They have eyelashes and nails are manicured. Myths and legends of a white elephant began in Southeast Asia. In the story of Buddha, the white elephant is connected by knowledge. On the eve of Buddha was born, his mother dreamed of a white elephant came him a lotus flower, symbol of purity and knowledge.

In the Indonesian archipelago, a white elephant is a sacred animal in Hindu-Buddhist kingdoms era. White elephant was popularized by the culture in Aceh Gayo in Guel Dance tradition. District Bener Meriah in the Gayo highlands also earned the nickname "White Elephant Earth" because of the tradition. In the Hindu religion in India and the archipelago (Indonesia), a white elephant is considered owned by the god Indra. The name of the elephant god Indra is Airawata, the flying elephant. Airawata crowned as King of all the elephants by the god Indra.

Throughout the next several hundred years, in two countries, namely Burma and Thailand (Siam), a white elephant is considered as an important animal. White elephant is the key to military success, either war or mass of an elephant duel. White elephant is also the key to pageantry.

The king was willing to spend that much time and energy to hunt elephants in the forest. Not the usual white elephant elephants. He has power and is considered sacred god of war are also carriers of fertility. For the king of Burma and Siam, has a sacred animal is a very important thing. King who has many good white elephant will be successful.

His kingdom will prosper and reign would last long. If his white elephants died, it would bring misfortune to the king and his government. Even Buddha Three Worlds include white elephant in seven important things that must be possessed of a great king. In the 19th century, inaugurated a white elephant as one of the wonders of the world of Siam.

In the past the Kingdom of Siam, white elephants with lower quality will be given as gifts to friends and allies of the king of Siam. White elephants require a lot of care, and therefore sacred, can not be ordered to work, it made a white elephant as a huge financial burden on the recipient or their owners, so that only the king or the very rich who can afford it. According to one story, a white elephant is sometimes given as gifts to some enemy (often inferior nobles who disliked the king of Siam). Recipients are poor, can not gain anything from this gift, and shall also keep the animal, will experience bankruptcy and the destruction of not being able to take care of the animals