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Gorilla mountain are the kinds of mammals (Mammalia), the status of meat and plant eaters (Omnivore), the average life span in the wild to 35 years. Height of the body when standing 4 to 6 feet (1.2 to 1.8 m), weight 300-485 lbs (135-220 kg), the protection of endangered status. Gorilla mountain is an animal rainforest.

Currently there are about 700 mountain gorillas left on earth, and almost half live in the Virunga mountain forests (rainforest) in Central Africa. Gorillas live in the greening of the volcanic slopes of Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, where the area is often the case slaughter of animals by humans, so here gorilla can not be escaped without injury when going hunting.

Many conservation efforts have been made in order to save mountain gorillas, and believed that their number will be stable or even increased slowly. But they still face a serious threat here, namely the loss of habitat and poaching.

Mountain gorillas have long hair and short sleeve of their lowland cousins. They also tend to be slightly larger than the other gorillas.

Gorillas can climb trees, but usually often found in soil and live bersosial up to 30 individuals. Gorilla society is organized by the social structure of interest. Group led by one dominant male gorillas older adults, often called silver because the swath of silver hair that adorned the fur behind the dark color. Members of the group includes several other young males, several females and their offspring.

The group leader leads all activities such as eating, nesting in the leaves, and moving in an area of ​​0.75 to 16-square mile (2-for-40-square kilometer) in its territory.

They are young males tend to be regarded as a challenge so intimidated by dominant males with wildness and showed impressive physical strength. Dominant males will stand up, tear apart the surrounding objects, creating an aggressive appearance, and showing big boobs while shouting loud calls or release a frightening roar. However, although the display of physical force as wild animals, but gorillas generally have a calm temperament and are not aggressive unless they feel disturbed.

In the middle of dense forest in west Africa, the gorilla could find plenty of food for their vegetarian prey. They eat roots, shoots, fruit, wild celery, and tree bark.

Female gorilla gave birth to a baby gorilla after nearly nine months of pregnancy. Unlike their strong mother, a newborn baby is very small, weighing four pounds (two kilograms), and only able to cling to their mothers fur. Baby gorilla continues to be on the backs of their mothers from the age of four months to two or three years of the first in their first life.

Young gorilla who was three to six years as impressive as a human life in childhood. Most of their days spent playing, climbing trees, chasing each other, and swing from one branch to another branch. In captivity, gorillas have a significant intelligence and could even understand when taught sign language by humans.

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