Proboscis (Nasalis larvatus) Borneo

Proboscis (Nasalis larvatus), in English is called the Long-nosed Monkey or proboscis monkey, the monkey of Borneo known as the Netherlands, Pika, hull stretch, Raseng and Kahau. is a kind of ape that has characterized the long nose and big, like other primates, almost all parts of his body covered by hair (feathers), head, neck, back and shoulders yellowish brown to reddish brown, sometimes brown old. Chest, belly and tail white, gray and yellowish white. Proboscis (Nasalis larvatus) is an animal rainforest.

Proboscis (Nasalis larvatus) Borneo

Scientific classification.
Kingdom: Animalia;
Phylum: Chordata;
Class: mammals;
Order: Primates;
Family: Cercopithecidae;
Upafamili: Colobinae;
Genus: Nasalis;
Species: Nasalis larvatus

Differences between male and female
  • Males: Hair rear cheeks reddish in color, nose shape is more pointed nose
  • Females: Hair rear cheeks yellowish color, nose shape is smaller

The gestation period 166 days or 5-6 months and gave birth to only 1 (one) pups. After 4-5 years old are considered adults. Proboscis monkeys live in groups / sub groups. Each group is led by a male Proboscis large and strong. Usually in a group numbering about 10 to 20 head.

Proboscis monkeys are active during the day and generally begins the morning to look for food in the form of leaves from trees rambai / pedada (Sonneratia alba), ketiau (Genus motleyana), banyan (Ficus sp), lenggadai (Braguiera parviflora), piai (Acrostiolum Aureum) , and other-assessments.

By day Proboscis enjoys a somewhat dark / shade to rest. Toward late afternoon, return to the riverside for a meal and a bed. Proboscis good swim across the river and dived under the water surface.

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