Golden Cats (Catopuma temmincki)

Golden Cats (Catopuma temmincki) is larger than a house cat, but smaller than the clouded leopard and Sumatran tiger. His body was colored brownish yellow with black stripes and white cross on the cheeks, the white color also between the two eyes with plenty of black lines lengthwise on the face. There are brown spots on the back of the ear. Its tail is long with the base dark brown and there is a clear white color on the edges, this may serve as a cue / signal for other cats when they were walking at night. Golden Cats (Catopuma temmincki) is an animal rainforest.

Has a body length of about 760-815 mm and 430-490 mm ​​tail length and weight of 12-15 kg. golden yellow color with the bottom of the lighter. Usually terrestrial life would but have the ability to climb if forced. Meals are usually small mammals (deer, Napu), birds, lizards and other small animals. Gestation about 95 days by the number of children around 1-2 tails; and child weight 250 g. usually give birth in a cave of wood or stone. In normal conditions, the body weight will increase two-fold ie 500 grams at age 3 weeks, and will increase to three times the age of 6 weeks. Adult males also actively involved in raising children - kittens and also have a tolerant attitude towards them. Breeding season is not limited or can happen anytime. Golden age of live cats in the wild bekum known, but the golden cat is found in captivity can reach the age of 18.

Despite the solitary nature, Golden Cats (Catopuma temmincki) are also frequently seen live in groups up to 4 birds per group. They also often hunt in pairs.

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