Animals That Looks Not Dangerous But Deadly

  • The Cone Snail
Judging from its shape, it is not dangerous plasticity. But in fact these animals are very toxic. Material unless the source of the poison in his mouth and the end of the base is more than enough poison to kill in just 4 minutes. Fired as an arrow poison which is even able to penetrate quite thick wetsuit.

The effect if the victim is exposed to toxins in the body's nerves will be a malfunction, the victim will be frozen immediately where none of the muscles that will be moved. There is news that suggests that the venom of these animals developed by the CIA to use as a weapon paralytic.

  • Arow Poison Frog
This cute frog does not look fierce, but very deadly. Just imagine this frog can kill just by touch alone. Poison glands located in the skin on the frog. Moreover, this frog can jump as far as 2 meters. The words that match if it meets this frog is the "Touch It and You Will Be Dead".

  • The Lazy Clown
These animals live in the amazon forest, southern Brazil. This beast is a member of the insects' Lonomia ". The original name of this animal is Taturana Tatarana.

Animals of this kind we have encountered in many of the trees but this is different from the usual tree caterpillar. Thorn in his body as much as hundreds of where in the store the poison thorn "anticoagulant". These toxins can divide and destroy the composition of our blood cells.

  • Stone Fish
The beast is arguably not very aggressive, not like an animal killer at large. He usually just remain silent, not doing anything other than swimming. But the poison on the thorns of almost any on the entire body is also quite deadly.

Effects arising from the toxins in fish is also terrible. When exposed to poison the victim, the victim will be very miserable and the victim will think better to amputate part of his body is exposed to toxins than the tormented

  • Box "Coffin" Jellyfish
Latin name of this beast is pretty cool, that Chironex fleckeri. This beast is a small jellyfish which is about 40cm. This unique animal has 24 pairs of eyes and to bring thousands of doses Nematocyst tentacle.

When exposed to this poison victim will feel the prickling of thousands of tiny needles, which will be very tormenting the body. This animal poison can kill in minutes or seconds.