Eight Facts about Camels

Here Eight facts about Camels :

One, there is food stored in the hump camel, camels starve if the hump is shrinking, after several weeks of rest and eat, this hump will be fat again, with this reserve camel can survive without food for three weeks.

Facts about Camels

Two, heat retaining thick fur, camels lose feathers during the spring and grow a new coat .. in the fall.

Three, the camel's body can survive up to 41 degrees centigrade. The rest lead camel began to sweat, sweat only on the skin instead hair. With this efficient way of cooling, the camel can save a lot of water.

Four, camel can survive with losing mass about 20% -25% during sweating. Other living being on average only able to survive with mass loss of about 3% -4%, before heart failure occurs because the blood thickens.

Five, big camel can drink 200 liters a day. This water instead stored but instead of water previously used.

Six, camel can eat thorny twigs with no mouth sores .. If the food hard to get, camels eat anything - bones, fish, meat, skin, and includes the owner of his tent. Lol-D

Seven, habits such as spitting camels. If dizziness normally spitting camels and smells foul because his saliva out from stomach, for example when angry, or scared.

Eight, camel red blood cell shape oval, not round like the others. Camels have great immune system. All mammals have a Y-shaped antibodies with two long chains along the Y, and two short chains at each end of the Y's, but the camel has only two long chains that make the shape smaller, thus reducing the possibility of blood curdling.

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