Zebra Black and White Animals

Zebra is member family of wild horses. Zebra skin is white or yellow with black stripes or dark brown. Zebras live in Africa and the southern Sahara Desert. There are several kinds of zebras. The biggest one is zebra Grevi. His shoulders high until approximately 1.5 meters. This species lives in eastern Africa. the smallest type of is zebra mountain 1.2-meter-high. Zebra live in the mountains and coastal plains in northwest Africa.


Zebras is an animal who likes graze. They were hunted by carnivorous animals such as lions and leopards. A zebra male trying to protect children in a way that attracted the attention of the animal attacked him and fled. Sometimes a zebra can ward off his attacker with a strong kick toenails.

zebra pictures

One owned a zebra protection against vicious animals are striped skin, which is a disguise so that zebra is difficult to see. At long distances in the open field, the lines that blend with the patterns of light and shadow. Zebra also received protection in large numbers. Zebras live in herds amounted to 1000 individuals. A child must be joined with a zebra herd.