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Ferrets are fun, friendly, and funny, so no wonder they are popular as pets. their antics, but silly and naughty, can easily melt your heart. They have weaseled their way into homes around the world as an alternative to dogs and cats due to their size apartment-friendly and very funny character.

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Do you have a ferret, or do you think you might want one? Want to know more about the little fuzzbutts interesting? Here are two ferret facts you may not know.

Bathing ferrets too much it makes them smell bad!. You would think the opposite would be true, but not! One complaint people have about ferrets is their unique musk. When you bathing ferrets, the skin is stripped of natural oils that keep it healthy. Ferret's skin and then worked overtime to produce even more than that smell of oil. That's how they keep their skin moisturized, and until someone invents a skin lotion for ferrets that this stop bathing, a ferret too often will make oily and stinkier!

Ferrets can be trained to walk with a rope!. A trained ferret will actually walk on the rope in much the same way a dog would. Although not all ferrets are very cooperative (some are just getting too excited to do anything but hang around and rolled on the grass!) Some ferret owners have found they can train their ferrets to go with them. As long as you have a comfortable fitting harness, safety rope, tag or microchip, and monthly heartworm prevention, you can take your ferret out for some fun and fresh air.

If you have not owned by ferrets, but you want to bring home a fuzzy or two of your own, do plenty of research first! While the facts are interesting, there are many more you need to know in order to keep the ferret. Met some ferrets first, preferably at a local animal shelter, read about how to care for pets is fantastic, and be sure to check that the ferret is legal in your area. If and when you get a ferret, rest assured that you will have made a furry friend for life!

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