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Giraffe facts #1. Giraffe is a mammal, therefore much of the anatomical structure similar to that of other mammals have also. As with most mammals, the giraffe has seven neck bones. What if he does not have seven bones in the shoulder and the base of the skull? Neck short man who heads a very balanced sustain upright posture and a very small business. Large giraffe head height should be retained at all times.

Giraffe facts
Giraffe facts #2. By the time Giraffe was upright, almost half of the neck muscles which weighs about 225 kilograms (500 pounds) is under tension. The amount of muscle required is directly related to the number of joints that must be supported. Reduce until only two joints (in the skull and at the shoulder) will reduce the weight with a lot of energy and the need for survival also reduced. If this lack of food makes the neck to change, would not the number of neck bones and joints in the process of evolutionary change as well? Of course the problem in the design of this neck is the loss of flexibility, and also improve the ability of cracks in many, if the giraffe received a blow on the head or neck.
Giraffe facts
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Giraffe facts #3. In the same way, has a neck with joints that are connected with the complex would cause a specific purpose - a higher energy consumption and the need to support more muscle mass. This will cause the giraffe's center of gravity to move to the front of the front legs when the head faced straight ahead, and also causes the back foot hovering off the ground - in a fairly strong presumption front legs. Seven neck bones is a superior design.

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