Interesting Polar Bear Facts

#1 Polar Bear Facts
The polar bear is considered one of the largest meat eating mammals live on land. They feed mainly on the seal ring. A polar bear will wait for seals to surface for air or sea water to rest and when this happens, the polar bear will quickly and efficiently using that leg to pull the cover out of the water and ice to. After the polar bear has captured the seal that would kill the seal by biting the head with his teeth. Polar bears is patient hunters and can often wait for hours or days for their prey to ascend to the surface.

Polar Bear Facts
#2 Polar Bear Facts
When it feels threatened polar bears will do the hissing, growling, low head it or making noises with his teeth grinding. This usually happens when the polar bears are threatened by other animals or humans. Polar bears also displays a variety of other sounds including loud roar, the voice growling and snoring softly.

#3 Polar Bear Facts
Polar bears do not technically hibernate. For hibernating animals to really heart rate will slow down significantly and body temperature will drop to 5C (41F). A hibernating animal will also have slow rate breathing, difficult to wake up and will remain in space for long periods of days, weeks or months.

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