Ants: Strong, Hard Workers, Loyal

Ants are the animals that live in groups. They have a very neatly division of work. There are ants that work to maintain the security of the nest. There are also ants who work for food. While the queen ants spawn all the time. Day and night they worked hard. The worker ants were exploring the area around the nest to gain food. If gain dead grasshopper or leaves, they will be lift in groups. Warehouse inventory is always full food of ants and growing all the time.

Ants move 24 hours a day. Ant walking speed, 0.5 km / h with the volume 1 / 130, then the speed human-sized ant is 80km/jam. In a duel, ants able to keep the animal or insect enemy 5 times larger than themselves (except bees, spiders and centipedes)

When aligned ant nests can reach along the 7km. It turned out that animals "weakest and not famous" This actually is the strongest on earth. If not mistaken there is also the ants mentioned in scripture. It seems appropriate because it's super animals. It could be that there may be wisdom behind scripture in ants. Maybe with the matter, we can often reflect properties ants, not famous but loyal, workers, and strong.

The ants care their babies, protect the colony, and fight, produce and store food. There are even colonies that do the work concerned with the "farm" or "ranch". With extremely powerful communications network, this animal is so superior as not to be compared with any other organism in terms of specialization and social organization.