Wild Orchids Borneo Rainforest

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Kapuas upstream (Borneo island) forests are rich in varieties of orchids, orchid forest is very beautiful, mysterious and rare because it is unique at all. Behind my old house in the village 'mungguk rock "district selimbau, grow a kind of wild orchids that live on a Ara tree, there is a large river empties in the river called the river menyabin Kapuas and that if the high tides the water is deep enough and have blackish red color .

Wild Orchids Borneo
Orchids only bloom in the season tide, its size is quite large, and long tendrils full of blooming flowers yellowish brown spots.

Wild Orchids Borneo

Beauty of orchids always fascinated people who saw him, graceful and exudes a rare beauty. Maybe one day I was given the opportunity to witness this flowering orchids in season, hopefully there is no destructive hands of ignorant and bereft of these beauties from their natural habitats.