Komodo Island Komodo Natinal Park

The beauty and Privileges of Komodo Island. Komodo Island is located in the province of South East Nusa/Nusa Tenggara Timur(NTT). The island was a place of dragons living animals. Natural scenery on the island is very beautiful. No wonder that the island is frequently visited by tourists.

The tourists, both local and foreign tourists, frequent visits to the island of Komodo. Especially for tourists who are fond of adventure in the open. Reportedly, there are about 2,800 tourists visiting from early 2008 until June 2008. Most of them come from abroad. Among others from the United States, Germany, Holland, France, Britain, Australia, and Russia.

The natural beauty of Komodo Island is reflected from a lush forest conditions. Including bakaunya forest. Mangroves become one of the features of Komodo Island. Why is that? Because it still looks green forest despite the dry season comes.

Natural scenic beauty of Komodo Island, also seen in the coastal areas and seas. Sea water conditions in the waters of Komodo Island, clear. The beauty of the marine biota is equally fascinated by the panorama of land.

Well, for the preservation of the island will be maintained, the Government of Indonesia made ​​a national park. Opening made ​​in 1980. The name of the national park it is the Komodo National Park (KNP). To note, in addition to the island of Komodo, KNP region also includes the island of Rinca and Padar Island.

The total area of ​​KNP approximately 1817 square kilometers. This national park serves to protect animals and their komodo dragons environment. In 1986, TNK was inaugurated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

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