Komodo Dragon Habitat

Although this lizard species ended up inhibiting the Indonesian islands for numerous years, the existence of Komodo dragons has not been acknowledged until around a hundred rice. Owing to various studies and efforts of countless wildlife professionals, today we know many fascinating issues with their life. One such fascinating aspect will be the Komodo dragon habitat.

With the standard temperature exceeding 80ยบ Fahrenheit, even in sea level, the Komodo dragon habitat is thought to be one of the roughest place on this planet. These reptiles are native to many Indonesian islands, most prominent among and that is the Komodo island. Other than Komodo is, Komodo dragons are also known to inhibit the neighboring islands including Flores, Rintja, Padar, Nusa Mbarapu, Gili, Montang along with Padar.

The Komodo dragon habitat is generally limited to hot and dry spots. The arid volcanic islands inhabited by simply these reptiles have very scarce volume of water available only for an element of the year. In fact, the islands virtually go dry between March and November with virtually no water to drink. The Komodo dragons, on the other hand, have become adaptable to this region thereby can survive without water for very long stretches.

Komodo dragon habitat
The monsoons hit the island chain for a brief time period of time in December, and even these short spell of monsoons cause the hawaiian islands to flood. So when they accomplish get water, Komodo dragons tend to drink a great deal of it. The temperatures are extremely hot and from time to time, these dragons have to take shelter inside burrows to protect themselves from huge heat. When the temperatures fall, these cold blooded creatures emerged basking in the sun all during these islands. 

They are solitary animals, that happen to be seen in groups only when these are feeding or during the breeding time. They use their sharp claws to dig holes inside ground for burrowing. Interestingly, other when compared with burrowing, these holes also act while strategic location to ambush the animals.

Komodo dragon Habitat

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