Forest Fires Impact on Social, Cultural and Economic

Forest Fires Impact on Social, Cultural and Economic

The loss of community livelihoods in and around the forest. A number of people who had been their living from forest products are not capable of performing his activities. Smoke generated from fires are somewhat disturbing activities that automatically also affects income. After the fire ended ensure that the community lost a number of areas where he used to take forest produce such as rattan, rubber and so on.

Forest Fires Impact on Social, Cultural and Economic

Disruption of daily activities, automatic smoke disturbance also disrupt human activities carried out daily. For example in the morning some people can not carry out their activities because of the difficulty of sunlight through the air filled with smoke. Similarly to many activity which require man to be outdoors. That interference will reduce the intensity of the smoke itself to be outside.

An increasing number of Pests, a number of species regarded as pests when the existence and activities interfere with the process of human production. If not "meddle" production of human affairs it will remain a species as other species.

A number of species with the potential to become pests in the forest during this interaction with their environment and to establish the chain of life. Fires force it knocked out of the ecosystem chain. And in some cases 'it' into the human community and changed into pests by disrupting the production process or a human being he was riding through.

Hama itself does not have a small form. Elephants and some other large-bodied animals 'need' memorakmorandakan area in its path in an effort to save themselves and in finding new habitat as old habitats have been destroyed on fire.

Disruption of health, increasing the amount of smoke is a major cause of the emergence of significant respiratory disease or respiratory infection. Symptoms may be marked with a feeling of tightness in the chest and eyes slightly watery. For the Riau cases most often occur in areas hit Kerinci, Pelalawan (formerly the Kampar regency) and even in Pekanbaru own more than 200 people must be hospitalized due to smoke.

Productivity declined, smoke also hinder the emergence of human productivity. Although we can get out by using a mask in the morning but the sun's rays can not penetrate the thickness of the smoke there. Automatically seseorangpun working time is reduced because he had to wait a little longer for the sun to provide light rays.

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