Case Studies Forest Fires in Indonesia

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As a result of forest fires not only result in economic losses and damage to ecosystems. We also branded as a nation and society can not and do not want to preserve the natural wealth. Though the extent of forest area in Indonesia reaches 10 percent of tropical forest in the world or the third largest after Brazil and Zaire.

Not only that. Thick smoke that interferes with neighboring air space makes a number of countries to label us as not a good neighbor. Not only health factors and community activities are disrupted, but more related to the disruption of flight navigation and shipping.

Earlier this year, while we are still busy with recovery efforts are pestered with residual issues the new order, instead of the disaster may not recur. Such as forest fires in 1997 occurred again in a state we all confront stuttering decay past the open one by one.

Citing experts predicted that El Nino will occur this summer, it seems more likely. Coupled with our negligence and inadvertence, forest fires with the material and self-esteem is more powerful will be repeated. If that happens, again, we will accept the stigma as a nation that can not be grateful for His grace and grandeur of nature. Indonesia is not only poorly labeled as a fertile place for human rights abuses, corruption and rapacious plundering of natural wealth and its contents, but also a country with citizens and government are ungrateful, so it does not deserve to be friends.

The trust so it feels more luxurious and expensive goods. Constantly we build trust. Confidence is now a keyword. With confidence in the possibilities open feeling sympathetic and other financial assistance we need.

This means that in all these means of building trust in us to come out and enter the seriousness we take care of the forest. Negligence and inadvertence we deal with forest fires is urgent work that must be taken and carried. The problem is how this government can be more nimble in handling and issuing the command, followed by serious and real action to stop the spread of forest fires. If it is not nimble, forest fires will happen and spend more forest

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