Forest Fires Impact On Ecological and Environmental Degradation

Destruction of the rainforest caused by forest fires is loss of some species, fires not only burn the tree manifold but also destroys the variety of other wildlife habitat. Generally these animals perished due to join trapped by smoke and the difficulty of the way out because the fire has been surrounded from all directions, this can result in damage to wildlife in the rainforest. There has been no in-depth study of how many species are involved burn in forest fires in Indonesia (rainforest animals and facts effect of forest fire).

Forest Fires Impact On Ecological and Environmental Degradation

The threat of erosion, fires that occur on the slopes of the mountains or on the plateau will destroy a number of plants that also serves to put a halt on the top layer of soil to erosion does not occur. At the time it rains and when the run-off occurs, the absence of ground roots - due to burn - as a binder, causing soil carried by rain down the once potential eventually lead not only erosion but also landslides.

Function changes and land use, forest before burning automatically have many functions. As the catchment area, as well as carbon dioxide filter chain of a larger ecosystem that maintain the balance of the planet earth. When forests are burned catchment area function is also lost and the carbon dioxide is no longer filtered but hovering in the air. In a large ecosystem, solar heat can not be absorbed properly due to loss of uptake function of the forest that had burned it.

The forest was itself changed the designation to lands estates and if not then it will be a desert weeds that will take a long time to return to its original function.

Decline in water quality, forest fires do not significantly cause changes in water quality. Changing water quality is more erosion due to factors that appear in the upstream. When rain water no longer has a barrier in restraining the pace then he will bring all existing soil grains on it to get into the rivers there. The result is that the river becomes a little murky. This will continue over and over if there is rain on the mountain or in the river there.

Disruption of coral reef ecosystems, coral reef ecosystem disruption caused more smoke factor. Thick smoke causes the sun it is difficult to penetrate the ocean. In the end this will make the coral reefs and some other species to be slightly hindered to perform photosynthesis.

The decline in foreign exchange, the fall in productivity automatically affect the micro economy which in turn also influence state revenues.

Sedimentation in streams, thick sludge-borne erosion will experience precipitation in the lower reaches of the river. The threat that arises is concerned due to overflowing rivers erosion continuously.

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