What is rainforest?where is rainforest?

Rainforest is forest area that has fairly high rainfall. Distribution area of ​​rain forest on earth only in areas crossed by equator. As information, the largest rainforest on Earth found in South America or often we know amazon rain forest.

What is rainforest?where is rainforest?
You can see the distribution of rain forest on the map below:
What is rainforest?where is rainforest? 
Map about rain forest
A little explanation of the map above. The color green / green colored area is the spread of the rain forest. There are visible spread of rain forest on African continent, Asia, continent and South American continents.

Tropical rainforest facts :
Tropical rainforests are one of the oldest types of forest vegetation that has covered a lot of land. Tropical rain forest ecosystem is formed by the climax vegetation in areas with 2000 -11 000 mm rainfall per year, the average temperature of 25 ° C with a small temperature differences throughout the year, and the average humidity of 80%.

Tropical natural forests are still intact have a number of plant species that very much. Forests in Borneo has more than 40,000 species of plants, and is the richest forest species in the world. Among the 40,000 species of plants, there are more than 4,000 plant species including a large and important class of trees. In every hectare of tropical forest as they contain at least 320 trees measuring diameters of more than 10 cm. In addition, Indonesia's tropical rain forests has been widely recognized hundreds of species of rattan, tengkawang tree species, forest species of orchids, and several species of root crops as a source of food and medicine.

What is rainforest?where is rainforest?
Where is rainforest in Africa?
Rainforest on the continent Africa are located in the central part of Africa and Madagascar. Surely you've heard or seen impression-shows in mass media or on electronic media about the life flora and fauna in Africa.

What is rainforest?where is rainforest?
Where is rainforest in America?
Distribution of rainforest in the continent of America can be found in the regions Central America and South America. The most famous is the amazon rainforest which is the largest rainforest in the world. And also rainforest can be found on Caribbean islands and countries Central America.

What is rainforest?where is rainforest?
Where is rainforest in Asia?
Distribution rainforest Asia are in southeast Asia and some in India. However, the most rainforest in this area are located in Indonesian state.

A little closing of "What is rainforest?where is rainforest?". That the rainforest is very important for life in the world. We recommend that early on we realized how important rainforets for human life and the lives of living things. Then save the rainforest from illegal logging and forest re-planting that has been lost.

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